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Empowering successful people to live their best life!

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Meet Eric

About Eric Mabie

Unlike personal trainers, physical therapists, and life coaches that generally fail because they treat symptoms using one-dimensional approaches, Eric looks at the whole picture to identify root causes of dysfunction and create simple roadmaps for success with his clients. He believes in using a multi-dimensional approach to solve problems and achieve extraordinary results.

Eric is committed to empowering successful people to live their best life!


Since 1996, Eric has served over 5,000+ clients around the globe. His clients range from professional athletes, billionaires, entrepreneurs, and committed mothers who do-it-all that have often struggled with chronic pain for years (or decades) and just ‘don’t know what to do’ to solve their problems and live their best life.

Education and Experience

  • 24 years as Holistic Health Practitioner 

  • C.H.E.K Institute-certified practitioner 

  • Advanced Training Methods from IMG (formerly International Performance Institute)

  • Successful entrepreneur who’s built multiple million-dollar businesses from the ground up

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5 - Day Immersion

Immerse yourself in a consistent environment of healthy living and of thriving.


Private Health Coaching

Work INWARD and OUTWARD to improve your entire quality of life.


Pre & Post Operation

Health Restoration

Eric Mabie's Accelerated Recovery Plan helps you recover from your surgery and thrive again.


Corporate Health Planning & Events

Eric Mabie helps you plan and create high-impact corporate health and wellness programs.

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Dr. Mike Risoldi, DC

Risoldi Family Chiropractic

For me and my patients Eric Mabie is an essential piece to our health plans and health care team.


Dr. Gopal Grandhige

Suncoast Surgical Associates

There is always

a solution to every problem. 


Eric has been the solution to all of mine.


Lela Kelly, Vice President

Dosatron International, Inc.

Eric’s dedication and coaching has helped me personally on my road to better physical and mental health.


John Tieche, President

Express Employment Professionals

I cannot express my gratitude to Eric for his dedication to the health and wellness of my body and mind.  He treated me and my body like it was his.

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Jenn Torr

I am an Ironman because of Eric Mabie...


My training took off in ways I could never have hoped for and which resulted in me having the race of my life.    

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