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Dr. Mike Risoldi, D.C.

Risoldi Family Chiropractic

I've been practicing as a wellness doctor and spinal corrective Chiropractor for over 20 years and have worked with pretty much every type of health care practitioner.  For my patients and for me personally Eric Mabie is simply the best, hands down. 


For my patients we collaborate on a personalized care plan for the best permanent changes to their spine and overall health. 


Personally, I've had numerous knee injuries and surgeries in my youth from being a competitive athlete. With Eric's I am able to continue to live a fit and active lifestyle without limitations.


Beyond the physical aspect of a person’s health Eric is also a master at addressing the ESSENTIAL aspects of mental / emotional, nutritional and overall lifestyle of what makes us all tick… he's a master motivator.  


For me and my patients Eric Mabie is an essential piece to our health plans and health care team.


Thanks Eric!


- Dr. Michael Risoldi D. C. 

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Dr. Gopal Grandhige, M.D.

Suncoast Surgical Associates

As a surgeon, I often hear the phrase, "Thank you for saving my life, doc!" 


Although I rarely am truly saving a life, the point is that something was broken and needed to be fixed. Four years ago, fed up with my constant struggle with weight, posture issues and overall sense of malaise, I needed to be fixed and reached out to Eric.  I had heard about him from another physician that had used him and although he was a 45 minute drive from my home, I had reached the point that I would try anything.  I have always had a trainer and been on some eating plan since I was 18 years old and felt like I knew what to do, but it was no longer working. Four years later, still driving 45 and sometimes 90 minutes each way to see him, I am happy to say that I feel fixed and can say without hesitation, 

"Thank you for saving my life, Eric!".

The reason I continue to drive this far is that I feel uplifted and healed after every session. I am in touch with my body.  I feel thirst. I know the importance of sleep.  I meditate. I am balanced when I walk. I have no back or shoulder pain.  I meal prep. And I look good in the mirror!  He taught me the difference between Power and Force.  I understand what my body wants.   At every session, I feel his 100% unwavering attention as we work on strength, endurance and flexibility.  I see him constantly adjusting and tweaking, achieving a highly personalized approach to my wellness.  Not one second is wasted, even when we rest between sets we go over nutrition at every session, review personal goals and speak about spiritual practice.  I am often reminded that I need my spiritual bookends, in addition to my water, sleep and food.  Over the years, I have brought various physical and personal issues into a session, and Eric is able to assist me through personal experience or point me to the correct book or practitioner. Starting last year, when I was going to miss a session, we started Facetiming sessions either in my office or home.  I am amazed at how these sessions are often harder than the ones in real life. 


There is always a solution to every problem.  Eric has been the solution to all of mine.  


Dr. Gopal Grandhige

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Lela Kelly, Vice President

Dosatron International Inc.

I met Eric Mabie, in 2008. I quickly realized Eric was an exceptional trainer and Life Coach…I have worked with him ever since.


I saw a need for both myself, and my company employees, to work with Eric to become fit, and healthier. I offered my employees seminars at our location and private sessions with Eric to help them improve their health.


It has been an incredible journey!  Watching employees go from eating fast food for lunch, to healthy options, this translated into more productive and happier employees, which of course improves our company’s bottom line. 


Eric’s dedication and coaching has helped me personally on my road to better physical and mental health.


What he has done for me and my family is immeasurable.


He is truly one of a kind!


Lela Kelly,

Vice President 

Dosatron International Inc.


John Tieche

I am a 46 year old man who just had his 2nd total hip replacement.  I have been doing yoga, acupuncture, and chiropractic care for multiple years before and beyond the 2nd Hip surgery in January 2018.  

After my first 10 session with Eric I blew through any level I ever achieved in the multiple years of traditional therapies!

My Doctor recommended Eric Mabie, Owner, of Bodies by Design.  He said that Eric is incredible at assessing the bodies needs and will identify a clear path of wellness and fitness for me.  

So you understand my initial state in working with Eric, I have to tell you I could barely walk and my flexibility was very poor; I felt like I had a 90-year-old body with a young person’s mind.  Eric spent the hour assessing how my body was functioning at the time. After the assessment, he walked me through the course of action that he felt was best for my body.  

Over the next 18 months with Eric, I have moved in and out of different programs including, structural, neuromuscular, and nutritional sessions.  Month after month the programs challenged me to become stronger, more flexible, AND CLEAR MINDED. Through all of this, he did it with love and at no time did he push my body to a point of injury.   I have not been able to run for more than 20 years - I WAS RUNNING IN SIX MONTHS!!! In October of 2019 I was able to run a 9:29 mile!!! This was very exciting to say the least since I don’t believe I was EVER able to run a mile without stopping.

I cannot express my gratitude to Eric for his dedication to the health and wellness of my body and mind.  He treated me and my body like it was his. I continue to move in and out of different levels in my journey of health and wellness and he continue to move and be fluid with my needs.  I realized my wellness is a never-ending journey and I am proud to say that Eric is right by my side every step of the way.  


John Tieche


Express Employment Professionals


Dosatron International Inc.

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Jenn Torr

I am an Ironman because of Eric Mabie.


I was referred to Eric by my massage therapist after having unsuccessful results in attempting to resolve hip pain. For over a year, I worked with multiple physical therapists; saw orthopedic surgeons; had x-rays and a MRI; received acupuncture; saw a chiropractor; went to yoga; changed my diet; and did anything and everything anyone would suggest as I was working toward meeting a very important goal – completing an Ironman with my husband as a way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. 


Halfway through the training and in pain the entire time, I doubted I was physically going to be able to continue training and would miss the opportunity to reach this goal and to share in this life experience with my husband.  Extremely frustrated, skeptical, and, honestly in my opinion, presenting the worst attitude a professional like Eric would want to have in a new client, I scheduled my first session. Prior to meeting in person, Eric took the time to get as much information as possible from me on my history and symptoms.  During the session he was patient and positive as he walked me through a series of exercises and made videos to ensure I practiced them exactly how I needed to on my own.


While I doubted these new exercises would work after everything I had tried, I did as he prescribed, and the result was truly and utterly amazing!  Within three days, I felt relief and within five days, I was pain free. Through alleviating the pain and continuing to work with Eric to correct areas of muscle weakness he identified, my training took off in ways I could never have hoped for and which resulted in me having the race of my life.    

Eric is a true professional, passionate about his work, and genuinely intrigued to correct physical conditions that may be impeding people from living a strong, pain free, and healthy life. I cannot express how impressed I am with Eric’s knowledge of the workings of the body as well as the mental aspect of athletic performance. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to know and work with such an amazing expert and highly recommend Bodies by Design as a resource especially to athletes struggling with injury and/or wanting to improve performance.  


Jenn Torr

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