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Break the cycle of habits that are holding you back
from thriving in ALL areas of your life!

Eric is committed to empowering successful people to live their best life.


In just 5 days you will:

  • Immerse yourself in a consistent environment of healthy living and of thriving

  • Get a massive experience to imprint new habits for your mind and body

  • Use the momentum to propel yourself to greater levels of health going forward

5-Day Immersion

We take a chronic situation and help you feel better now. 

If you want to “crank it up a notch,” we can take you from feeling good and great to absolutely amazing!!!


The Plan:

Housing: 6 nights (Check-in Sunday, Check-out Saturday) 

Food: 3 meals, plus daily smoothies and snacks (created with you)

Water: All high quality water will be supplied

Massage: 2 massages during the week


  • Morning re-boot routine

  • Night time decompression routine

  • 1-2 daily sessions with Eric Mabie

  • Yoga instruction on the beach or in the park, upon request

  • All food will be sourced organic, unless not available

You are going to be active, and have all aspects of air, water, food, and sleep systemized for you for five consecutive days.


Everyone's needs are different. Once I meet you in person and we discuss your pain and symptoms, I will be able to customize a program for you that will address the root cause. 


You don’t settle for less-than-thriving in your current lifestyle. Don’t settle for less-than-thriving with your health and wellness. Get started with a 5-Day Immersion!

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