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Eric Mabie's Accelerated Recovery Plan (ARP) helps you recover from your surgery and thrive again.

  • Effectively prepare for surgery

  • Reduce post-operative pain

  • Accelerate healing 

  • Learn what to do for post-operative therapy and rehabilitation 

  • Avoid setbacks by learning what NOT to do

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative

Health Restoration


Prepare for surgery. Reduce post-operative pain. Accelerate healing.

Surgery is a huge commitment.


It requires an investment of your time, health, finances, and overall well-being. You want the best possible results from your surgery and you want to avoid doing anything that would undermine your recovery. 


Unfortunately, most surgical procedures do not include immediate and long-term health and wellness plans. That’s why leading-edge surgeons now recommend incorporating wellness into post-operative therapy and rehabilitation. 


Eric Mabie specializes in pre-operative wellness preparation and post-operative health restoration.


Eric has been working with world-renowned surgeons to create the Accelerated Recovery Plan (ARP) that sets you up for maximum success. 


Right after surgery, Eric will teach you cutting-edge techniques to reduce post-operative pain, accelerate your healing, and give you a plan on what to do to improve your surgical results. More important, Eric will show you what NOT to do -- actions, if taken, that could undermine your surgical results.
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