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Eric Mabie

Holistic Health Practioner

Eric Mabie is a leading Holistic Health Practitioner for successful people to live their best life. 


As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Eric uses a multi-dimensional approach to help people solve their problems and achieve their goals. 


Unlike personal trainers, physical therapists, and life coaches that generally fail because they treat symptoms using one-dimensional approaches, Eric looks at the whole picture to identify root causes of dysfunction and create simple roadmaps for success with his clients. He believes in using a multi-dimensional approach to solve problems and achieve extraordinary results. 


Since 1996, Eric has served over 5,000+ clients around the globe. His clients range from professional athletes, billionaires, entrepreneurs, and committed mothers who do-it-all that have often struggled with chronic pain for years (or decades) and just ‘don’t know what to do’ to solve their problems and live their best life. 


Eric is committed to empowering successful people to live their best life!

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A multi-industry entrepreneur and lifelong student of health and fitness, Eric is President and Founder of a Holistic Health and Fitness facility called Bodies by Design located in Palm Harbor, FL. The company is known for achieving extraordinary results for its clients and its non-existent turnover among the Practitioners points to the strength and stability of his systems and practice as a whole. He has six practitioners working for him, and the “newest team member” has been there 20 years! 


Eric initially developed the Bodies by Design training philosophy and advanced training methods used at the International Performance Institute (now IMG, a division of the Bollettieri Sports Academy in Bradenton, FL), which is utilized almost exclusively by professional athletes and up and coming amateurs from around the world..


Additionally, Eric is a Certified CHEK Practitioner. Having studied with the C.H.E.K. Institute for over 20 years, Eric embodies and applies a holistic approach to meeting and exceeding all of his clients’ goals.


With over 26 years of experience and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, Eric continues to reach new levels of health, fitness and an overall thriving in life for his clients and himself. Eric thrives on sharing his unique insights and experiences with others, and is an active educator in his community. 


His reputation for excellence has drawn invitations to lecture for corporations such as Wells Fargo, ReMax, Coldwell Banker, and Mease Trinity Medical Center, and a number of community organizations and schools.


His total commitment to helping his clients is what has made Bodies by Design one of the most successful private health and wellness companies in Florida.


In addition to his dedication to fitness, Eric is a dedicated, fully engaged father to two boys.


Additionally, Eric’s charitable work is woven consistently into his life by supporting a wide variety of charities around the world including founding his own 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization called a New World of Hope from 2005 - 2015. 


Eric's Story

As a lifelong athlete Eric has always had an interest in health and fitness.  His passion and dedication became so apparent that while he was still in high school, people would ask him to design programs for them to improve their health and fitness and from there, he never looked back.


And then … on July 31, 1999 everything changed. An event happened that had a profound effect on the Holistic Practitioner he would become. 


On that day, Eric was rear-ended at a traffic light by a large truck traveling at over 50 mph. Eric’s entire spine was severely injured from top to bottom. From his neck down to his legs, Eric’s body was in constant, acute nerve pain with periods of such severe pain he could not walk.


“I did all different types of therapy and pain management for years,” explained Eric. “I got a little better a little worse, a little better, then a little worse … “


And then one day, after yet another injury, he got the “magic a-ha” moment: 


“All of my personal training background and exercise experience continued to get me hurt because general exercise is a dangerous tool and if you have any structural imbalances (as almost everyone does) you will, at some point, get hurt.”

Eric began to study and practice multiple disciplines. He studied under leading chiropractors, and under Founder Paul Chek of The C.H.E.K Institute, a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology. 


“That’s how I learned to go from A to Z step-by-step-by-step,” explains Eric. “Every time you try to skip a step because you get impatient, you get hurt. I learned how to systematically and safely progress through each level.”


Putting together everything he learned, Eric recovered from his injuries and continues to thrive. So much so that his spine is a case study in one of the CBP chiropractic textbooks. 


The principles I learned in spinal rehabilitation I’ve been able to apply all orthopedic injuries, imbalances and dysfunction.  Now, when people come to me in pain, I can understand and empathize with everything they’ve gone through and I can help them feel better in a fraction of the time it took me.


In the course of his rehabilitation and coaching others, Eric has developed a powerful passion for Life Coaching. “In Life Coaching, I help people overcome limiting beliefs and create new powerful thought patterns, life goals, and dreams.”


Bottom line: “My own journey allows me to help other people through challenges, stress, breakdowns, and breakthroughs.” 

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